The Anstey’s Kingdom Trilogy

by Susan Hancock

Dark, adult, romantic sci-fi meets historical fantasy via a rift in time and space

Welcome to Anstey’s Kingdom

Hi everyone! Below you can see details of the “Anstey’s Kingdom” Trilogy where dark, adult romantic sci-fi meets historical fantasy via a rift in time and space. These are not books to read if you have sensitivity issues with violence, explicit sex and sexual trauma. However, if you like your romance mixed with adversity, and the triumph of love over seemingly insurmountable odds, then these stories are just right for you. Think Outlander with alien refugees and humans from Elizabethan England! Meet Kat, who thought she was wholly human and Thomas, who knows she and he are not, stir in a merciless dictator and his enforcers, and a hidden complex under the cliffs of sixteenth-century England and you have a drama waiting to unfold.

Continuing in the same world you can now time travel back to Kat’s mother’s story–a tense and traumatic prequel with the title “Escape from Auriga”–or fast forward to the lives of Kat and Thomas’s children in the first of two planned sequels (“The Children of Auriga”). 

I am also thrilled to announce that “Unlicensed Child”, a short story set on Domum-Orbis (that dystopian planet in the Auriga constellation), can be found in an anthology titled “The Accidental Time Traveler’s Collective” (now open for pre-orders). There are some great stories in there from a collection of eleven terrific time-travel authors… and ME.    

On my Blog page you can catch up with all the latest news and read about some of the research which went into the creation of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century hiding place to which my refugees from the Aurigan constellation travel. My bio is on the About page, plus a couple of the independent reviews of my own books (see Amazon for more, and thank you readers for all the five star ratings!) On the Reviews pages are my own reviews of some great indie books which I’ve read recently.

NEWS: Watch this space for news on the second sequel. In the book I’m currently writing Liss and Adz will be the main characters, but there will be appearances by people from the past.

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