The Anstey’s Kingdom Trilogy

by Susan Hancock

Dark, adult, romantic sci-fi meets historical fantasy via a rift in time and space

Welcome to Anstey’s Kingdom

Hi everyone! Below you can see details of the ‘Anstey’s Kingdom‘ Trilogy and great animations of the covers (thank you Suzanne at https://www.motionkitty.com) On my Blog page you can catch up with all the latest news and read about some of the research which went into the creation of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century hiding place to which my refugees from the Aurigan constellation travel. My bio is on the About page, plus a couple of the independent reviews of my own books (see Amazon for more, and thank you readers for all the five star ratings!) On the Reviews pages are my own reviews of some great indie books which I’ve read recently.

NEWS: Watch this space for information on Escape from Auriga: Anstey’s Elizabeth. My prequel to the trilogy will be out at the beginning of July, and tells the story of how Elizabeth (Kat’s mother) and Anstey first met. Anstey’s Kingdom… The Beginnings.

How would you feel – the you who believed you were the child of earthborn parents – if the stranger who rescued you from the sea told you to “pretend to be human…?”
What would you do if you were entirely alone and he promised to save you from the darkness that was, and is, Anstey – if you would only bind your life to his?
So begins Kat’s and Thomas’s perilous adventure. One born on the far side of the galaxy, one born on sixteenth-century Earth: if the two want to survive they must join forces, but will Kat’s strength be enough for both of them when Anstey strikes at Thomas? Would Thomas willingly sacrifice his own life to save hers? Surviving Anstey is a poignant story of love and danger where speculative sci-fi meets Elizabethan England
He’d imagined himself safe, restored, with her beside him;
instead he’s lost and alone and he can’t reach her anymore.”
Thomas cannot envisage any possible future with the love of his life. In the darkness of his depression he compares his own helplessness with the power only Kat can access. As the desperate pair try to make a new life beyond the confines of the exiled community, Kat battles to save him. But malign fate has much worse in store…
They thought they were safe…
they thought they were together forever…
But fate thought otherwise.
Across the galaxy a dark force is stirring – the shadow of a past that might become a future. Only Kat has the strength to save them…if she is willing…but then who will save her?

The trilogy is complete! Here is the first sequel! The Children of Auriga

You’ve read about my Aurigan refugees, Kat and Thomas, in the trilogy, now this is the first of the stories about their grown-up children, Adz, Bess and Liss.