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As an indie author, I should love to share my ‘Anstey’s Kingdom’ trilogy with you:

Surviving Anstey: A Story of Love through Time and Space

Anstey’s Revenge: Will Love be Enough?

Anstey’s Legacy: No Greater Love

Enter a world of alien refugees, fleeing through time and space from war on a distant planet, trapped in Elizabethan England by an evil dictator… Meet Kat, who thought she was human and Thomas, who knows that she (and he) are not. I do hope you will want to engage with their dramatic story, one that defies all odds, and learn if Thomas can make that final commitment to his forever love.

And now there’s Bess’s story (and Adz and Liss’s too) in The Children of Auriga: Love’s Legacy in Time and Space (Bess’s Story)

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October 17th

I’m lazing along in the glow that comes from having my WIP become my latest novel: The Children of Auriga (Bess’s Story). This book began when my favourite first reader, Yvonne, told me that she would really love to read a book about Bess, Kat and Thomas’s adopted daughter, from the ‘Anstey’s Kingdom’ trilogy.

Bess’s story is a difficult one and comes with sensitivity warnings. Half-Aurigan and half-human, she met Thomas Alban in Anstey’s storehouse prison at the end of Surviving Anstey, having suffered things that no child should ever have to endure. Her growth into an accomplished young woman of eighteen-years, by the end of Anstey’s Legacy, is a testament to her courage. This sequel – initially set in the seventeenth century, some twelve years after the events depicted in that book – should have seen her comfortably hand-fasted with Edward and living in harmony with her younger sister and brother. However, Bess is not so lucky. Edward has grown cold and vindictive, Liss, her sister, has lost the power of speech, and Adz, the youngest, is (to use a phrase my grandmother always used about someone in his situation) going to hell in a handbasket. I hope you’ll read on, as these three siblings, plus Will, a human stableman, go on the run again. This time ending up on a strange planet, Avergne, some-where and some-when else entirely…

A reminder for anyone who was following the ‘Anstey’s Kingdom’ prequel in this blog: I am intending to publish this as a full novel in 2022 and I’m happy to gift my original followers with an e-copy if you confirm in an email that you would like one. My email address is Alternatively, if you would like an early preview, I am looking for beta readers and could let you have a version to read by the end of this year.

No connection to anything, I just thought it would be nice to share a photo of a froglet rescued from the path of our garden mower. Oh no! Did it escape from The Living Waters below?!

Garden froglet

September 15th

Today I’m super-excited to be involved in a STORYTELLERS ON TOUR (@sot_tours) cover reveal for Dan Fitzgerald‘s soon-to-be released sword-free fantasy The Living Waters, first in The Weirdwater Confluence series. You have probably already enjoyed Fitzgerald’s fabulous Maer Cycle (see my reviews page for reviews of The Hollow Road, The Archive and The Place Below) so October 15th 2021 is the date to mark in your diary for your first experience of his new work (you can even pre-order now!) Without more ado, let these fabulous images speak for themselves!!

Book Cover Illustration: Karkki AKA Kittensartbooks ( &
Book Cover Design: Jessica Moon of Shadow Spark Pub (
Book Cover Illustration: Karkki AKA Kittensartbooks ( &
Book Cover Design: Jessica Moon of Shadow Spark Pub (

In case you’d like to know more about the man behind the books:

Dan Fitzgerald is the fantasy author of the Maer Cycle trilogy (character-driven low-magic fantasy) and the upcoming Weirdwater Confluence duology (sword-free fantasy with unusual love stories). The Living Waters comes out October 15, 2021 and The Isle of a Thousand Worlds arrives January 15, 2022, bothfrom Shadow Spark Publishing.  

He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, twin boys, and two cats. When not writing he might be found doing yoga, gardening, cooking, or listening to French music. 

Website: Twitter: Goodreads:

Shadow Spark Publishing: Twitter: Instagram:

OK, can’t resist just one more picture:

Meet Gilea and Temi courtesy of @kittensartbooks

September 13th

Up until now, my blog has been sharing a prequel to Anstey’s Kingdom: the story of Kat’s mother Elizabeth and the original exodus from Domum-Orbis, the planet of her birth. This is now in the process of being expanded and edited and will shortly (December 2021) emerge as a completed novel. Some of the content is quite explicit and I don’t feel that it is suitable blog material. I have decided to stop posting further episodes here, but if you feel left in the air by not having the completed story you could become one of my beta readers and get the chance to view it early. Let me know if you would like to join the team and have access to the pre-publication manuscript. My email address for applying is

I’m currently in the process of writing an essay on genre, so there will be something else to read on here shortly. I’ll just leave you with one of my photo’s: “Cat in a parsley pot”. Nothing at all to do with my books or my other reviews, I just couldn’t resist!

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